Some might call it wanderlust, meaning a strong or irresistible impulse to travel; but I like the word WANDERLOVE because it’s not just an impulse…

► It is written into our souls to travel, to wander, and to find love in all things during the process. Of course our main source of love and light comes from each other.
► Here you will find documentation of our endless adventures.

We are travelers on a budget, just like most of you, readers. So here you will read about great hideaways, hiking trails, swimming holes, and how to travel with less as more; you will not read about 5-star hotels that only an executive CEO could afford, luxurious amenities in remote locations, frivolous expenditure while traveling, or vacation cruises.

By using the drop down menu below “wanderlove,” you can read posts sorted by location, or you can scroll through post archives to see them in chronological order.

Happy Adventuring!

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