Tiny House-Big Build

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We are on a mission to prove to the world that sustainable living is not only possible, but it’s within everyone’s ability to create that life for themselves. We are embarking on this project with a low budget and high expectations. We will be fully immersed in every phase of building our future tiny home, since we are the architect, contractor, & labor force. You can find post updates throughout each building phase that we complete. This is a hub where you can expect to see not only the progress that we make, but also, the challenges we face as we attempt to build our very own rolling home, and you can be sure, there will be many. A brief description of what to expect from our finished SELF-SUSTAINING home:

◇ SIZE 26′ x 8′ (total square feet including loft = 288′)
◇ Solar Powered
◇ Composting Toilet
◇ Grey Water Collection
◇ Gravity-Fed Water (i.e. Shower & Sink)
◇ No Refrigerator- we will be using old-style methods of preserving food… more about that later
◇ Vertical Garden/Living Wall