»The Demolition«

August 19, 2016

» This is where the fun really begins! «

We purchased this trailer, although it looks a little rough around the edges, there is no doubt that we can make this work. The sketchiest thing about buying this thing, is that there is no paperwork other than a bill of sale… no title, no registration, no VIN #. So it’s easy to say that we went out on a limb with deciding to get this one. Like I mentioned in the previous post, the price was right as well as the fact that this trailer had a past life as a travel trailer, so we know that it’s capable of upholding the weight that we are going to build on top of it!
Our first step is to rip and pry off all the existing material that is sitting on top of the trailer frame, we need to get this thing down to it’s bones!

So first thing we did was bust out a couple of crow bars & some nail pullers.. As we started ripping up the existing flooring, we were quickly disgusted with the amount of black mold growing underneath the linoleum. Well, the nasty mold was just the beginning… As we continued prying up all the wood we found countless spider nests, it’s like they had a whole little community living inside of there! Ew 🙁 Amongst all the dead creepy crawlers, there was also an unfortunate little mouse, who now resembled more of a pancake-like quality. I knew in that moment that this would be the worst phase of building, inhaling spider web dust, black mold, & pulling out soggy fiberglass insulation.

After 2 days of prying everything apart, we were finally able to see the trailer’s frame that was tucked underneath it all. Up until that point we were just crossing our fingers, while whispering to our lucky stars, in hopes that there was a sturdy foundation to work with under all the junk. I guess our gut instinct was not too far off, because sure enough, the trailer frame resembled something like-new, and we were able to get a water tank & grey water tank from the existing trailer too- that was an added bonus.

All in all, we took our chances on this trailer and we were so happy that we manifested for it all to work out just the way it was supposed to. After our first weekend pumping grease out of our elbow joints, we were more excited than ever to begin building not only our future, but our home ♥

Our next step is to strengthen the trailer, and prepare for the floor framing. Marina’s dad, Robert, owns a structural steel shop, so that’s a huge resource for us! The first building phase will be taking place in that shop, we will create a frame from hollow structural steel (HSS), which will be welded in the shop by Marina’s younger brother Robby, who just got his papers to be a certified welder, yay, go Robby! Stay tuned for the next phase, we’ll be posting cool welding pictures, who doesn’t think that the UV light looks awesome and magical?!


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