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September 14, 2016

Our next order of business is to stategize a framing plan that will enable us to build our little home without worrying about the whole thing crumbling apart.. Now wouldn’t that be interesting? Imagine… the first test drive and the whole thing folds like a rhombus…. haha, no, that will not be us. Once again, we are ever so fortunate to have a design team behind us that is completely free of charge, since after all it is my dad. Our plan of attack is to add a frame to the top of the existing trailer structure, basically two box shapes with cross members tying it all together. The first thing we need is the material.

In this scenario, we are blessed, since my family owns a structural steel fabrication shop, we were able to order all the material at wholesale cost. Essentially the material required is tube steel (also known as HSS, hollow structural steel, by those in the architecture world), additionally we are ordering 1 single I beam (self explanatory) and we will leave it exposed and unpainted as the support for the loft. Basically when you look directly at the loft you will see the beam in the very front, it will naturally acquire some rust, which is an effortless way to achieve that *rust*ic look 🙂
My little brother,Robby, who is actually not so little, will be doing the majority of the welding, and oh boy, there is quite a lot to be done. Robby is 18 years old, just graduated from high school and is currently spending his days working in the shop until he figures out his next step. He is an amazing artist, particularly graffiti & mural work, and is interested in starting community college to work towards an art degree. Meanwhile, he just got certified to weld here in the shop, I am a proud sister. I always tell Robby that I wouldn’t want to share a face with anyone else.. as you can see, we basically look like male/female versions of each other, although neither of us have particularly androgynous faces in my opinion. See for yourself….

And so we begin with the welding… just a side note, Robby is wearing casual clothes I guess because it’s weekend work and he doesn’t mind ruining his nice clothes and shoes with all the metal grease? All that aside, this welding should only take a week or two if we work the weekends. After the structural steel framing is complete, we will transfer the trailer out to my grandpa’s house to finish building it.. mostly for convenience since we live 3 min down the road from my grandpa and 30 min away from the steel shop. We couldn’t be more excited to be moving along on this journey to complete our most massive art project ever!!! As we’ve begun working on this, we’ve realized that the trailer we got is actually quite large, which will make the transition into tiny living easier of course, but it will pose a challenge learning to tow a trailer of this size with ease. It measures 30 feet from tongue to end.

That is all for now, thank you for your time, and may your day be full of good vibes!


2 thoughts on “»Arcs & Sparks«

  1. Tia Barbara

    Hi Mija! Why did I think you had walls up on your project when it was at your Grandpa’s house? Nevertheless, I’m so excited for you & Stepen to follow your dreams in continuing to work hard on your little rolling home!! You are an inspiration & we are so proud of you! Hugs😘

    1. marina.o.vela@gmail.com Post author

      Hey Tia, thanks for checking out our blog 🙂 We really appreciate your support…. So the tiny house does have walls up, but the blog is following our progress from the very beginning, and it’s not up to date as far as the current phase, I’m doing a little catching up because I launched the blog a little later than I anticipated, so I am just posting as often as possible to explain each phase of the process, it should be caught up soon to it’s current status. We are just trying to show each step clearly since the objective of this blog is to show the world how easy/possible it is to build your own tiny home 🙂 Stay tuned! and if you enter your email into the subscription box you will actually get a notification when we add new posts!


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