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Tuolomne County

January 13, 2017

Stefen & I at the Twain Harte Cabin

Tuolomne county is on the eastern side of California, centrally located just above Yosemite National Park. Back in the 80’s, my family built a quaint little cabin tucked into the forest, in a tiny town called Twain Harte. My great grandparents lived there for years after it was built, enjoying their retirement together in a peaceful sanctuary where the noisiest sounds of the days are birds chirping & animals rustling through the forest floor, and by night, you cannot even make out the common constellations because there is just too many stars.. not a complaint at all. As a youngin, I spent a lot of time exploring the grounds with my great grandmother as we identified various flowers, plants, and animals alike. She taught me that we are not separate from the world which surrounds us, unity consciousness. As kids we made up our own trails, competed to find the coolest walking sticks, and above all we were just content to be where the air is fresh and the trees are tall. Read More