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»The Beginning of the End«

July 19, 2016

◇Our story begins at the end◇
The end of life as we knew it, because from here on out everything will undoubtedly be different.

We’ve been relentlessly searching for our purpose and direction in life. After relocating to Sacramento, we moved into a house, signed a year lease, and started spending most of our income on rent… About halfway through our lease (around February) something clicked. All of a sudden we realized we don’t have to continue life this way. We don’t have to keep working in order to just survive. We can create an alternative path where we can truly live life free of suffering, debt, mortgage, rent, & utility bills. Who wouldn’t want that? You must be thinking… “okay, these people have a few screws loose, this is gibberish, that lifestyle just doesn’t exist!” We’re here to tell you it does!!! And by the way, we do have a few screws loose, but that’s okay, it just makes everything a little more interesting.

There is no limit to your visionary ideas that can become reality, or your ability to manifest true happiness. We have decided to take full responsibility for our own happiness, instead of waiting around for something better to happen, we are taking the initiative to redesign our entire life. To realize your self-potential and actualize that power is definitely the greatest thing you can ever do for yourself. If every single individual decided to hold themselves accountable for creating their own happiness, we would have a consciousness shift on our hands. Now.. with that said, is it realistic that every single person out there is going to start skipping around gleaming with feelings of self-actualization??? No. But again, the notion here is to focus on what YOU can do, instead of fixating on the circumstances that surround your life. The key (we think) is to realize that your life & the circumstances that surround your life are separate entities, they are not interdependent.

As you experience life, there is expected results for certain actions & life milestones… for example when you graduate college, it is expected that you will be happy & successful in your chosen career and that your wealth will continue to grow, buy your first house [pay it off for the next 30+ years], water your lawn, start a book club, wash your car every Saturday, take out your trash every Wednesday night (never thinking twice about all the contents of your trash bin, and where it ends up Thursday afternoon), and of course you will have achieved the american dream, just like that. This is what everyone wants right?… WRONG. Which brings us to this very moment in time.

This beaut is the starting point of our tiny home, we hunted long and hard for the right trailer, although you may be wondering… how is that horrendous piece of junk the right trailer?  This particular trailer happened to meet not only our budget, but the weight limit criteria as well. We are very fortunate to have connections in the steel industry, so with a little elbow grease and a lot of prying, it should be no problem to straighten this baby out.  The trailer shown here is a sad used-to-be travel trailer that got in a wreck, now all that remains is the flooring with a trailer frame under there somewhere. To be continued…..

We’re guessing that if you’re here on our blog, reading this right now, chances are you actually do want to understand the sustainable lifestyle movement. Well… prepare to fall down the rabbit hole with us, as we explore this alternative lifestyle. Here you will find our our revelations [and challenges] of tiny living, blurbs about sustainability, DIY home crafts, yummy [mostly healthy] recipes, & documentation of our endless adventures.